Technology is our sovereign tool in the competitive and complex world of problem solving. Our goal is to assist and educate others in the use of this tool to create innovative and elegant solutions while adhering to our core value of transparency.



An open-source community supports enterprise and expedites the technological advancement of mankind.

In the spirit of our core value of transparency, we participate in and leverage the open-source software ecosystem.

Our founder designed and implemented the blockchain system which is the basis for Hyperledger Fabric now managed by The Linux Foundation. It is a modular blockchain framework that has become the de facto standard for enterprise blockchain platforms.

Keeping Good Company


Only through transparency can we ensure security and privacy as both computation and data continue moving to the Edge.

As we transition to a cloudless environment, the impact of our individual actions will become instantaneous, indiscernible, and irrevocable.

From the level of the individual to that of the whole, our company slogan acts as both a reminder to pursue honest associations as well as encouragement to maintain an internal sense of integrity.



Coding experience will become crucial to build and maintain relevance in the impending DARQ and cloudless technical era.

The blockchain form of Distributed ledger technology forms the basis of trust upon which the other DARQ components rely (Artificial intelligence, extended Reality, and Quantum computing).

There are consequences associated with the future we are embarking upon, and we wish to help others prepare for the coming age.